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Welcome back to Scooby World if your a returning visiter and if your new welcome for the first but hopefully not last time!

Any crazy frog haters like myself must have a look at the link on my links page! (bet you didnt see that coming :p)

sorry its been a while in updating but i have had other arrangements but now i can once more put a few hours in again and get it back to its full potential!

Anyways if you are new here you will find information on specifications, features and much more on THE best range of cars seen for a long while.

As you can tell the site has changed so any problems with it please contact me, also if you want your site linked on here please contact me as well instead of using the messege board.

To be added over the next couple of months are picture gallerys, videos, better games, chat room and the guestbook will be back so i can clean up the messege board a bit.

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